Hellcrafts is run by Hellings Lut & Craenen Peter.
Together they deliver Crafts and Future Technology Services.

Hellings Lut & Craenen Peter, Crafts & Future Technology Services

Hasselt - Belgium
Est. 2000

Tel: 32-475-282006


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We especially present our craftsmanship in :

-  equestrian facilities, horse barns & outbuildings: design, consultancy & project assistance.
Portfolio: 512 happy stabled horses.

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Furthermore, we offer an outstanding expertise in :

-  draftsmanship & guidance in architecture, renovation & interior decorating

-  metalworks engineering

-  scouting equine related real estate in the Belgian N/E region

-  in our spare time: management, coaching and training sport horses

Essentially, a handyman, roustabout
& aide-de-camp in your projects.

When you're in hell, only a devil can point the way out.